20 Under 20 Spotlight: Isaac Espinal

Hello! I am Isaac Espinal. I am 18 years old and currently a Junior at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas. I am studying Entrepreneurship and Innovation with the aspirations of taking these skills back to Latin America. I aspire to use my entrepreneurship and business skills to start companies in Latin America, specifically Mexico City, Mexico or Bogotá, Colombia. I consider Latin America the closest thing to a home, and my ambition is to use business as my medium to help this part of the world emerge and succeed. Not only through helping stimulate the economies of these places, but by also giving the people an opportunity to “Earn what they have, through their own merit and effort”. For me the lack of talent utilization and incentive to improve and increase education levels is, in part, due to the thousands of people who manage to go to Universities, and end up without a sustainable job at the end of that expensive and oftentimes difficult journey. This issue has touched my life through my mother and other family members, but can be seen all throughout Latin America; either through the young people or the common attitude to the continuation of education post-secondary school.

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