Fall 2020 Intern Spotlight - Nathan Cleverly

My work at the Council has greatly varied throughout my time here. I am the Council’s Membership intern but have had the incredible opportunity to take part and learn from multiple departments. My main focuses were two of our social media campaigns and informational interviews with members and others involved in the Council. I have also assisted with writing briefing books for our moderators and CEO Jim Falk for some of our educational programs.

Two of my favorite programs so far have been “The Fight to Defend the Free World” with H.R. McMaster and “How Ike Led” with Susan Eisenhower. The Council's virtual events have allowed me to participate to a much greater extent because I can listen and participate even if I am away from home.

My favorite part of the internship has been the information interviews that I have been able to participate in with a wide variety of people, and the Council’s assistance in setting those up.

With the internship being my last requirement for graduation, my next step will be joining the work force. As of December, I will have graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Public Policy and Administration from Brigham Young University - Idaho, and while I am still working out my long-term plans, my immediate future will include gaining experience, whether in non-profit or local government work to help start my career.

To learn more about Council internships, please visit https://www.dfwworld.org/who-we-are/global-young-leaders/internships.

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