Former Intern Spotlight: Brooke Lopez

Brooke Lopez

Brooke interned with the Membership & Development department at the Council in Spring 2017, and at the same time she was finishing up a Bachelor of Science in Public Affairs & a minor in Geography at the University of Texas at Dallas.

When asked about her interests and goals for the future, she answered that two of her main studies are politics and the idea of “civil and human rights intertwining with the study of law and human geography.”

As for international travel, Brooke says that she traveled internationally for the first time in November 2018 when she visited Florence, Italy for a week. She hopes to one day visit other parts of Europe!

When reminiscing about her time at the Council, she said, “I really enjoyed being able to work at speaking series events where I could not only meet the incredible speakers, but also the incredible WAC community members. I loved learning from others and being inspired to continue asking questions.”

She is currently located in Dallas, where she studies law at the University of North Texas at Dallas College of Law. In her spare time, she serves as the Executive Director of the Lone Star Parity Project, a nonpartisan organization dedicated to sharing the stories and research behind women and femmes in Texas politics.

If that seems like a lot to be involved with, just wait! She also works part-time as a policy consultant for the Young Women’s Advisory Council at the Texas Women’s Foundation. Lastly, she also facilitates high school programs for IGNITE National, a nonprofit that builds political ambition in young women.

Within the next five to ten years, she plans to continue to advocate for the civil rights of others in Texas.

Lastly, she left current and future interns with some inspiring advice: “It can be HARD to find motivation in an unpaid internship – I get it. BUT the experiences you will leave the World Affairs Council with provide benefits that make this internship a valuable asset to any resume.”

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