Former Intern Spotlight: Josh Meaders

Josh interned with the Education and IVLP departments at the Council throughout 2018. When asked about his favorite experiences as an intern, Josh responded, “I enjoyed the freedom and room for growth at the Council. Many of my internship assignments were open-ended, which allowed me to strengthen my writing and organizational skills.

“At the Council, you aren’t just an ‘intern’ running errands and doing busy work,” he further stated. “You are a valuable part of the team and I enjoyed that I was actually appreciated for my work.”

Now a student at the University of Texas at Austin as part of the class of 2023, he plans to major in Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies. However, this isn’t all! He also plans to declare a second major in International Relations and Global Studies with a track in International Security and a concentration in East Europe and Eurasia during the spring.

With his interests in international relations, Russia-U.S. relations, Post-Soviet state building in Central Asia, international education, and critical language acquisition, he recounts his experience within a year-long study abroad program in Chisinau, Moldova that he concluded in May. There, he studied Russian through a State Department-sponsored scholarship program.

Though this was an insightful experience, his international travel endeavors don’t end here!

“The next places I would like to visit are Turkey, Georgia, and Russia,” Josh comments. “I find that each of these places have fascinating culture and history.”

Josh envisions himself at work with the U.S. government in the future, or perhaps an NGO promoting cross-cultural relations and exchange between the United States and Post-Soviet countries.

As he continues with his plan to achieve this goal in the next 5-10 years, he leaves some valuable advice for current and future interns: “Take advantage of all the FREE networking resources, professional development, and events! Everyone at the Council is there to help you succeed! Do not be afraid to ask questions, request meetings, etc. I learned a lot of valuable lessons just speaking with board members, staff, and members.”

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