Global Competency Teacher Professional Development Series

Teachers, join our affiliate, World Affairs Council of Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky, for the upcoming series called "Skills for Students' Future in the World". Each month they will be highlighting a different skill to prepare students for global competency. Virtual sessions are free to attend.

Register now for the following sessions:

January Teacher Webinar: Using Inquiry-Based Learning to Teach Global Topics

Thursday, January 20th from 4-5 pm EST

In this session, teachers will learn more about the Inquiry Design Model and how inquiry-based learning can help students develop skills within the “investigate the world” domain of the Asia Society’s global competency framework.

March Teacher Webinar: Educating for the Global World of Work

Thursday, March 17 from 4-5:15 pm EST

What skills are needed to succeed in a fast-paced, technologically advanced, and globalized economy? In this session, we will discuss ways in which to bring career exploration into your subject area and highlight enrichment opportunities available for students to set themselves up for success.

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