Jan. 16, 2021 JWAC Leadership: Gendercide

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

The Gendercide Awareness Project, called “Gendap” for short, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit based in Dallas, Texas. Our goal is to end gendercide by raising awareness and taking effective action. Gendap was founded in 2000 by Beverly Hill to call attention to the world’s 126 million “missing” women. They also work for indigenous women’s rights. Since 2017, press coverage has helped us educate 3.7 million people.

Because gendercide is a socially created, man-made problem, it is a fixable problem. We believe that educating girls is the best long-term strategy for ending gendercide. With education and job skills, girls are transformed from economic burdens to economic assets, and they are better positioned to fight for equal rights.

The Gendercide Awareness Project has no religious or political affiliations. We are neither pro-life nor pro-choice. We are strictly neutral with respect to the question of abortion. We hope all parties will work together to end gendercide. https://www.gendap.org/

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