JWAC Adventures at Lake Highlands HS!

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

At the Council office in downtown Dallas

Hello! My name is Priscilla Beltran and I am a senior at Lake Highlands High School. I'm a member of the Junior World Affairs Council (JWAC) and I have been since sophomore year.

Recently, we had our first JWAC meeting. Prospective students filled all of the desks and we even had some students standing, listening to our sponsor, Mrs. Ramirez. She gave an overview of what the JWAC entails and the different events we will be going to throughout the year. We ended the meeting by having club members applying to be JWAC officiers and new students applying to be a member of our club.

Since we have meetings every Wednesday, we have had three meetings since our first meeting. At our second meeting we discussed specific events that we want to plan for the Lake Highlands community. Students offered ideas like inviting speakers to our school, having a panel over the topic of hijabs, and the Lake Highlands International Festival which I have started organizing. Our goal is to engage and educate as many Lake Highland community members as possible, so most of our events reach beyond the perimeters of our high school.

Me with former Nigerian Ambassador to Angola, Clemente Laseinde

Since then, we have had two guest speakers: an Ambassador from Nigeria, and on 9/11/19 we had a General speak about his time serving after 9/11. JWAC members pick the topics and run the events. We usually range in attendance of 30 to sometimes 100 students, teachers, and parents. Much of our success comes from Mrs. Ramirez and Mrs. Viera-Williams giving us responsibility and independence to represent our school and club in our own personalized way.

Our next major fundraising event will be an International Festival on October 9th from 5:30-7:00 PM at Lake Highlands High School. Tickets are $5 and will cover the price of your food. We expect it to be a very successful event and invite you to come check out our club! One thing our JWAC wants to do this year is partner with JWAC clubs at other schools to volunteer and plan events together. If this interests you, contact me through Education@dfwworld.org.

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