UCLA Model UN Summer Institute

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

The upcoming UCLA Model United Nations Summer Institute is a week-long intensive academic program for students who are interested in international diplomacy and foreign affairs.

Unlike Model UN conferences (where teams of students from various schools, often accompanied by their faculty advisor, compete against each other), the UCLA Model UN Summer Institute is designed for individual students from all across the United States and abroad to come together and hone their Model UN abilities during an intensive, yet fun-filled week. During the Summer Institute, students will take on the role of a diplomat, engage in independent research, debate their selected country’s position in one of the many committees of the United Nations, and become well-versed Model UN delegates.

The UCLA Model UN Summer Institute is for students of any level of Model UN experience. The program offers students to select among various committees and experience academic simulations suitable for novice and experienced Model UN delegates, alike, allowing all to learn and improve their research, debate, caucus, and public speaking skills. The Summer Institute also provides students with these additional benefits:

  • 2 units of University of California college credit (Global Studies 10: International Diplomacy and Foreign Affairs)

  • 1 week intensive UCLA academic program, to be conducted online

  • 1:6 staff to student ratio, allows for close Interaction/mentorship with current UCLA Model UN Executive Board members

  • College admissions presentation and discussion of what to expect as a future university student

  • A limited number of full and partial need-based scholarships for California high school students

This Summer Institute is designed for high school students who are currently in grades 9-12, however outstanding students who will have completed grade 8 at the end of this school year are also welcome to participate (note that all participants must be at least 14 years of age prior to the start of the program).

For more information, including registration for this year’s UCLA Model United Nations Summer Institute, click HERE.

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