EdOdyssey Virtual Study Abroad Catalog! The Latinx Patient: Spanish & Culture for Healthcare Program

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

Are you a student considering a career in health care systems as a nurse, doctor, or social worker? EdOdyssey can help you stand out and gain the crucial skills and knowledge necessary in America’s diverse, multicultural, and multilingual society. With this course you’ll go beyond the traditional “Medical Spanish class” and enhance your language studies with the power of context and culture!

As a participant, you will learn important medical Spanish vocabulary and terminology and the crucial insight into the culture and context of the Latinx community. Through dynamic and fun classes led by our local team in Peru and experts from the field you will increase your cultural competency and gain global perspectives necessary for the next generation of health care professions to better relate to and interact with the Latinx community.

As a bonus, you will also discover sociocultural factors facing this community that affect their health care access while gaining more perspective on the largest minority population in the United States.

Registration code for a $100 discount: DFW100

For more information visit: https://www.edodyssey.com/medicalspanish

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