What is it like to have breakfast with an Ambassador?

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Waking early on a Saturday isn't what most teenagers find ideal, but for the JWAC students of Brighter Horizons Academy, they were more than willing to for the opportunity they thoroughly enjoyed last weekend.

Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan to the United States Dr. Asad Majeed Khan. Ambassador Khan is a 31 year career diplomat and became an ambassador as of January of 2019. This was his first visit to Dallas.

The club members met at school and embarked from there to The Hills on Preston (a country club) where they sat down to have breakfast. Amongst the crowd was Texas State Representative Angie Button Chen, Representative Matt Shaheen, Canadian Consul General Rachel McCormick, and honorary consul members from Cambodia and Tunisia. Shortly after the meal, the students prepared themselves for the arrival of the Pakistani Ambassador to the United States, Dr. Asad Khan. As the ambassador stood between the US and Pakistani flags, the students eagerly awaited the ambassador’s speech. Dr. Khan spoke about a variety of topics, including relations between India and Pakistan, Pakistan’s rank as the 4th/5th largest English speaking country, and the relationship between Pakistan and the Taliban of Afghanistan.

His Excellency was asked about the difficulties that Pakistani Americans face, despite being loyal citizens to the United States. He responded by stating that the rise of globalism has caused insecurities in the cultural fabric of the United States, but globalism has also brought about a rise in available jobs. He continued, mentioning that as the world becomes more interconnected, people need to stop looking at things as black or white, good or bad. He ended his answer by using a well received metaphor, saying "If your neighbor's house is burning, then I think you should go help your neighbor." The crowd responded with applause.

From left to right: Humza A., Vice President Abdul-Rehman A., Secretary Wabil K., Club Supervisor Dr. Laila R., Ambassador Khan, President Miftah K., Hanan A., Leena U.

Dallas' population has a 3.6% Pakistani population. Our school, Brighter Horizons Academy, has an estimated 44% Asian American population, a majority of those being from the Indian subcontinent. Many of the students who attended the breakfast are Pakistani American. This meeting allowed the students to feel a close connection to their ethnic background. Students in the Brighter Horizons chapter of JWAC are excited to see what other opportunities that the World Affairs Council will make available for us in the future!

Miftah K


JWAC President of the Brighter Horizons Chapter


- Brighter Horizons Populations

- Photo of Ambassador

- Dallas Pakistani Percentage

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