Why Choose an Unpaid Internship? Here’s 5 Reasons to Intern with the Council

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Traditional Council internships aren’t paid, but what they lack in monetary value, they more than make up for in intrinsic value. Here are the top 5 reasons why we think you should intern at the Council.

1. Connections, connections, connections!

Council internships are a fantastic gateway into finding established professionals in your dream career path. You’ll receive the opportunity to meet our board members, speakers, and friends at programs and the office. You never know who will walk through our front door – mayors, generals, ambassadors, and more.

2. Discover a career path you never knew you were passionate about.

Foreign Service? Peace Corps? The Oval Office? Oh my!

During your internship, you’ll partake in Personal Development sessions carefully cultivated by our staff and partners. Learn about the diplomatic life at the Mexican and Canadian consulates, or enjoy a thrilling day with our Executive Vice President and the philosophy of Sun Tzu. Also, members of our senior staff always enjoy sitting down with interns for a chat about career opportunities and connections.

3. Learn the basics of international non-profit management.

You’ll have the opportunity to learn about the non-profit database world, learn the ins and outs of office life, and become familiar with international organizations that reach millions of people across the world. We hope that you will take the chance to strengthen your writing skills, brush up on your networking skills, and learn how hard work can pay off quicker than you think. Like any international non-profit, you’ll learn how to interact with people from different cultures and backgrounds. Also, like the staff, you’ll become very frustrated with the office copier, but it is okay - we are here for you.

4. Volunteering is a great way to contribute to your community.

Having volunteer experience, especially in the form of an internship, on your resume or portfolio can say a lot about you as an individual: it means that you are willing to utilize your time and energy to do something meaningful for your community and beyond. We are thrilled to have such passionate and motivated interns in our office every day and we know they will go on to accomplish much larger projects in the near future. After your internship, whether you are applying to school or a job, the Council will happily write you a letter of recommendation.

5. All the free food!

Just kidding…we actually mean complimentary admittance to programs, as long as you volunteer to check our guests in and answer their questions. Take a look at our website to see the upcoming programs we’re putting together. We’ve also found that our members love to meet new interns at programs, so we encourage interns to go to several.

(But just between us…occasionally there’s also free food.)

For more information about Council internships, please email Education Coordinator Caroline Fangman at cfangman@dfwworld.org or call her directly at 214-965-7102.

You have less than a week to apply for Spring 2020 positions! The deadline is Friday, November 15th.

Intern applicants must currently be in high school, college, or grad school.

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